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Andrea Smith

SuperStar Director


My Story

Hello! Thank you for visiting my Scentsy website! My name is Andrea Smith.  I am a mother to 4 of the cutest children ever and wife to the greatest man on earth. I currently live in Arizona, but I am originally from Utah. I have been selling Scentsy Wickless Candles for 8 years, so you can say I know my stuff when it comes to Scentsy!  I am a Super Star Director, which is the highest level Scentsy has to offer.  I achieved this level in just over 2 years with Scentsy.  I never really set out to sell Scentsy as passionately as I do today, but it just began to make sense shortly after I began.  I soon was able to see that people LOVE Scentsy, they want to host parties, and they are looking for an opportunity that will help them better their lives. I feel so blessed to be living my dream with Scentsy!  I get to stay at home with my children, my dream job, and still make enough money to help my family have the things we want and need. I also get to earn free Scentsy trips, free gifts, and get recognized from Scentsy for all my hard work! Scentsy really is a great company with a really great product.  Some of my goals while selling Scentsy have been to achieve rank advancements, incentive trips and monthly  and annual productivity awards. I have to say the traveling for free has been one of the most exciting rewards with Scentsy! I have been to Cancun, Mexico, Banff, Canada, Hawaii, Colorado Springs, Bahamas and Walt Disney World, Florida!  If you are looking to purchase this amazing product, you will find nobody more experienced or capable of providing you the highest customer service. IF you're looking to host a Scentsy party, so that you can earn free and half priced Scentsy, I'm here to help!  If you are interested in beginning your own money making journey, I know that with my experience and success I will be able to help you accomplish anything! It really just takes the desire, and the will! YOU can make amazing things happen! I do hope to hear from you soon! Best Wishes! <!--endbody-->  

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